Sunday, February 26, 2017

Khurasan T-62 review

I bought a set of six Khurasan T-62s about a year ago.  I've always liked their figures but never really got around to painting these.  Too many projects keep distracting me (as you can see with my sporadic posting here).  

First, is a picture of the assembled tank.  The body of the tank is resin with metal add on bits.  The tracks come in both metal and resin for you to choose.  I went with the metal tracks. There was practically zero mold lines or flash to take care of.  The only trouble I had was gluing the metal parts to the resin turret/body of the tank.  I wasn't really sure what glue to use to I ended up using Testor's plastic model cement to get the parts to stick in place then went back over with normal model super glue.  The IR light next to the main gun also didn't fit in very well.  I used my Dremel to make the slot it fits in a bit larger.  The kit also gives you the option to have gas tanks on the back or just the supports for them.

 I then primed them white and went looking for a camo scheme to use. I found a picture of Syrian T-62 model I liked and went with that.

I used my airbrush to paint on the base coat and camo.  The base coat was Russian Green with spots of Sand Yellow and German Grey (all Vellajo airbrush paints).   After I finished painting the tracks, stowage and other little parts, I gloss coated it to get ready for the washes.  Here is a picture of the base coats.

I then used my MIG AMMO enamel wash (Wash for Dark Green vehicles) and put on the decals.  Then I gloss coated it again and applied some streaking here and there.

I put on some wear and tear with some dark grey paint on a sponge, did a quick ivory dry brush and dull coated it. Finally, at the end I dry brushed some steel paint over the tracks then used some white glue and dirt pigments to dirty the tracks up.  Here are the final pictures.

So, overall, the Khurasan T-62 is really nice.  It's definitely a bit more to put together compared to the metal Command Decision tanks from Old Glory but the detail is very nice. 

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