Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jordanians for Team Yaakav

I painted up a small force of Jordanians to fight with the Syrians in Lebanon.  I thought it would add a little variety to the Syrian side.  Give the Israeli's a tank they would really need to fear in the Khalid.

The Khalid models are Battlefront Chieftains from the British Team Yankee set.  I used this Jordanian M113 camo scheme as my template.  I'm just guessing here but it looks like an earlier version of their digital type camo they have on their tracks now.  The M113 models are also Battlefront, from the Fate of a Nation line.  The infantry are Battlefront US Vietnam infantry.  I read somewhere that during the Gulf War I, the Jordanian's used US kit with the desert camo.  I can't find that source anymore but it looks good enough for me.

I organized the Jordanian platoons based on the Jordanian Gulf War I organization from MicroMark Army Lists.  The armored platoon was three tanks.  The mechanized platoon was four stands of M-16 infantry, three small machine gun stands with M60s, and one stand with a Dragon ATGM.  There are four M113 APCs to go with them.  Finally the company commander stand goes with them.  In the first game with them I made them just as skilled as the Israeli's.  4+ to hit and morale of 4+.

Camouflage scheme I used for all my Jordanians

Khalid Tanks

M113 APCs 

Infantry platoon with M16s,  M60s and one dragon ATGM.

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