Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's been quite a while, almost a year, since I have updated my blog. I was out of doing much gaming for quite a few months due to a family illness, but everything is back to normal now. So let the gaming commence! Here is a little update of what is coming up.

Syrian Wars

Jeff J and I have played one game of our Syrian Wars campaign using the new lists out of Armies of Antiquity 2. I forgot my camera for that game but Jeff has a nice write up on his page. I'm glad to see some of our suggestions have been adopted in the latest AoA2 Errata posted over on WABForum. We will have some more games in this campaign soon hopefully. I have some Galatians and Scythians I'm painting up that I'm looking forward to put on the table. My Agema Cataphracts are in the dog house and threatened with replacement from their last debacle of running from a unit of Thureophoroi they charged.

Bog Raiding

Tony Rodgers down here in San Diego has a big Late Roman and Age of Arthur British army. I usually throw my Goths against them and get stomped. Now I have a Pict army from Age of Arthur ready for a stomping. It's a total Gripping Beast army I had for a few years now. I ended up sending the whole thing to Fernando to get painted since it would just sit in bags if I didn't. I did the basing and shields/banners (Little Big Man Studios).

Tony and I decided to start a little campaign using "The Raiding Season" campaign from the back of the Age of Arthur book. Each of us got a pool of seven characters that we have to use through out the campaign. If they die they die but if they can improve through glories deeds! The Picts are the aggressors, raiding into the fertile southern British country side. Tony is using the "Twilight of Britannia" list while I'm using the "Early Southern Pictish Kingdoms" one.

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