Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kingdom Con WAB Games

Here's some pictures of the two WAB games I helped put on at Kingdom Con this year.

You can look at some more photos of the whole con over at
Thanks Rene for taking lots of photos.

The first set is a refight of Panion between the Seleucid Empire and the Ptolemaics. This time with fancy new Cataphract cavalry from the East!

Brief synopsis of what happened. The heavy cavalry on the Seleucid right went in, the Agema cataphracts ended up getting flanked and run down but the other Cataphract unit and Hetairoi slugged it out with the Ptolemaic cavalry the whole game. No one was able to break through.

The Seleucid left held up the Ptolemaic right with his Greek allies most of the game. By the last turn everything Seleucid on that flank was routed though.

In the center the phalanx clashed and fought a couple turns before Ptolemaic Machimoi broke the Seleucid settler phalanx it was fighting and the Seleucid Guard phalanx broke their opponent. The Ptolemaic Hypaspists fought a loosing battle against a barded Indian elephant and finally turned to flight when the Thorakitai flanked them (they got away though). The Thorakitai and elephant were going in for the kill and the Guards turned to deal with the Machimoi when disaster struck. When the elephant charged, the javelins thrown by the Hypaspists spooked the elephant which rampaged right in the flank of the Thorakitai. The trailing Ptolemaic elephant came in to help finish them off.

In the end the Seleucid right was inconclusive, the left was totally broken and the middle was probably going to be swept up on the left. Antiochus the Great knew when to call it to save what's left of his army and beat a hasty retreat.

Setup Picutres

(Seleucid on Left & Ptolemaics on right)

Rocky stream was rough terrain. Rest of stream was considered open.

Fight on Left Flank

Fighting on Right Flank


Fighting in Center

Elephant getting ready to charge Hypaspists in front of it.

Elephant going nuts and running into the Thorakitai instead of the Hypaspists... why do I take these again? Jeff joins his in just to cause insult to injury.

These are some pictures of the Late Roman vs Hun/Goth game. Like all good dark age battles, it's over the pigs. There aren't that many pictures. Some are sideways no matter how I turn them before importing, no clue why.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Love the Successor battle reports. It was following a couple of posts on TMP that someone directed me to your blog. I have just started in this period and I am attempting to be as constructive as possible when purchasing units.

    Subsequently I was wondering do you have an electronic copy of the WAB Successor Supplement by Jeff Jonas that you would be kind enough to share?

    Many thanks,