Monday, August 24, 2009

Thureophoroi & General

I won some Thureophoroi off Ebay and wanted to use them for the first campaign game, so I quickly painted up a command for them. The troopers are from Old Glory. The command is Gripping Beast. I need to do a bit of touch up on the troopers. It looks like they painted using the Army Painter dip and it dirtied up the white and yellows a bit. I use Minwax polyshades Ancient Walnut on my figures, but I end up highlighting and painting over quite a bit of the model after I brush on the dip. Here is a picture of the Thureophoroi.

I got 30 of these guys so two groups of 15 troops plus 3 command I'll paint up myself will be two nice units of 18. I need to remember to deepen their ranks a bit when playing WAB 1.5 (which I forgot to do my first battle with them and the Phalanx!).

Next is some Javelinmen I painted up. They are from Gripping Beast too. It's not that great of a picture. I think they look better in person. I'll probably paint the next group of ten in more of a uniform with some sort of shield device.

Before the game coming up I got my 1st Corp order in. So I quickly painted up a general from their Mounted Generals pack. He's the old man that'll lead my armies until the King shows up with the rest of the Argyraspides, Heraitoi and the levies from the eastern part of the empire. For an Army Standard Bearer I think I'll take one of the generals that's holding a sword and give him a standard instead.

Finally here is one of the Phalanx with the basing done.

So what's next? I got the Navigator order in and I got 12 Arab archers all prepped up. I got the Crusader order in too, so the Hellanistic Thracians with Rhomphaia will be after that.

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