Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Phalanx done

It took two weeks but I got another Phalanx done. Boy these take a long time. I'm used to painting 15 mm guys. Here's a couple pictures of the new unit.

I still need to do the basing but I'm not positive how I want to do it yet. I'll probably wait until I get a few more units done first then go on a basing spree. I was a bit concerned after I put on all the shields with the upside down anchor and painted one on the banner when I saw 1st Corp sample had their anchor right side up. After a bit of checking around I think I got it right.

I got 10 Javelinmen in the works to get painted up now. These shouldn't take too long compared to the pikemen. I've been looking around to see if there is any info on shields for the Seleucid skirmishers. I haven't found much so far. I'll probably paint them up leather color with no symbols on them unless I find something that looks good.


  1. You got them correct.. the anchors are upside down.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I hoped I was right after seeing some on a few coins. Got 10 skirmishers done in 2 days... so much faster to paint. Hopefully I'll get my Arab Archers in so I can get them painted up.