Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seleucids Start Up

So I decided to start up a new WAB army. At first I was thinking of doing a Picts army from Age of Arthur but I already have a light infantry army with my Bulgars. I wanted something heavy infantry based. It was between a Roman army using Jeff Jonas' Late Republican Romans army list or a Successor army. After seeing Gripping Beast's new Polemarch range and 1st Corp's Seleucid cataphracts I went with a Seleucid army.

I bugged Jeff J. a bit and got some information about the new Seleucid list. So with that I starting planning. Here's what I'm going to start out painting.

Hyparchos as a General
Army Standard Bearer
28 figure Phalanx unit
28 figure Phalanx unit
18 figure Thureophoroi unit
18 figure Thracian unit
12 figure Javelinmen unit
12 figure Arab archer unit
12 figure Politikoi Cavalry unit
9 figure Thracian or Arab cavalry unit

The Phalanx, Thureophoroi and Javelinmen are Gripping Beast figures. The Thracian foot and cavalry are Crusader. Politikoi and Arabs are Navigator from Magistor Militum. I also order some Amazon Miniatures to add to the Arabs archers and Politikoi. Hopefully they will fit together. The first Phalanx is done and the second should be done this week. Next up is the Javelinmen and Thureophoroi.

After the above units get painted, I'll work on getting more of the archetypal Seleucid units done. I got 2 Argyraspides Phalanx units from Gripping Beast; a Herairoi, Agema Cataphract and normal Cataphract unit from 1st Corp all ordered. I'll have to get some elephants sometime but I'm not big into them.

Here's two quick pictures of the Phalanx.

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  1. Very nice! Glad to see you are progressing. I'm having my Ptolemaic machimoi phalanx painted "out of house", so I'll soon have a representative army for a Syrian campaign. I have started a map project that will add to the fun!