Saturday, September 5, 2009

Couple more units

I finished off some Arab archers and a unit of Thracians.

The Arabs are from Navigator (MagisterMilitum). They are a bit smaller than my Gripping Beast and Crusader figs but I like the sculps and no one else seems to make ancient Arabs. Well Amazon Miniatures makes some but they seem to be very unresponsive even after sending in an order. I found a painting guide for Arab skin on the net using GW Snakebite Leather as the basecoat. After painting the archers with this method I'm not too thrilled with it. I'll try a different color brown next time with my Arab cavalry I have next on the painting block (based off this site

Here are the Thracians. I based them off of the a picture in Osprey Thracian book. This is the first time I painted something from Crusader. They are really nice figs, I just wish they'd make some more Hellenistic Greek type figs.

I got a battle on Monday I'm trying to get the Arab cavalry done in time for.

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